Farewell All: Last Post

YX62 FUU/ ADH51 on route 27 at Chiswick, Business Park. A route which I like using  buses which are excellent at a great photography spot. 
As some of you may be aware, I am leaving the blogging scene due to other events which are more important meaning I have to put smaller things aside such as blogging. I decided I'd do my last post on this one making it a very special post. 

However, my photos will still continue to be seen on the blog and I may still continue photography.

It has been an eventful 5 months working on the blog, with the good and bad times, shocking and exciting times. During this time, I have met many amazing people such as Au Morandarte, James Panaligan, Tom Bowell, LondonBusBreh and our very own Lewis along with workers from other blogs.

Having started not too far back, on the 19th January 2013 at 20:28 (Yes, I still remember the time) on a cold, winters evening whilst it was snowing outside - I decided to start up a blog so that I could express my bus and train knowledge to other people across the globe. 

Successfully, that's worked as we also have a large amount of viewers from U.S.A, Germany and Russia along with (Obviously the United Kingdom) and a few other countries were visiting the blog regularly. 

I was posting daily and the first proper post on the blog was a Know Your Routes: Route 27 post which was when I found out brand new ADH's were arriving on the 27. I was very excited about this and I managed to cover the ADH's coming in on ADH32. I also remember being on ADH1 on the 2nd day of service on route 27. Ever since, I only get ADH32 on 27 (Coincidentally, this bus always comes when I catch the 27).

Not even a week had passed when I met Lewis and he joined the blog. I was very pleased to meet him and see him willing to work with me on the posts. He still helps me until today and I am pleased at all his efforts. I would like to thank him for all his help otherwise the blog may have not got this far.

ADH32 on the 2nd day of service at Chiswick, Business Park.
February 4th was the first new buses coverage for the route 27 buses as the buses entered service and so I covered it on ADH32 and this post is the only one in our Green, Clean, Hybrid Machines series. Hopefully, that'll expand when the 189 TEH's come. The 27 post is our most popular post of all time as we covered the buses inside and out pretty well.

A week later, The West London Bus Blog hired a new member, Jack. He was simply known as MetrolineJack. At the same time, since Jack was not a West Londoner, he was South, we had more coverage and for a week we called ourselves  "Across London Bus Blog". This drew up complaints from other readers saying it was similar to "All Over London" and that it should be changed.

VWH1415 on route 52 to Victoria.
Luckily, the team found a solution to the name and changed it to the lengthy name of "Tremendous Trio For London Bus Information". 

After a while, I managed to cover the new buses on the 52. A mixture of VW's and VWH's had been ordered and I was pretty excited as the 52 was going through a lot of changes at the time, new buses, 24-hour operation begins.

We were then covering new buses one after another. 

It was business as usual throughout February and we were still posting daily. I managed to cover the H28's new Enviro 200's that had the new Abellio interior.

YX62 DAU on route H28.
New Abellio Livery.

Eventually, it sparked an idea in my head that Tremendous Trio For London Bus Information should cover brand new buses as soon as they entered service.

And not long after that, I had managed to cover 82's new buses. The 82 is a major trunk route from Victoria to North Finchley and a while back it had gained new Enviro 400's. By now, we have swung into March and we were improving the blog as it went along.

LK62 DYD on route 82 to North Finchley.
There was a period of Know Your Routes posts for a while through the month, being based on routes 111, 140 and other routes. We also had the monthly bus news round up, which seems it's a pretty popular category on the blog until today.
LR52 BNV/VP338 on route 140 to Heathrow Central.

Not much had happened through March although a lot of observations took place and I met up with Au for the very first time.

At the end of the month, Observations were introduced to the blog and I held a massive observation in Uxbridge, Hillingdon and Hayes. I had enjoyed doing the observations as I got some photos to add to my collection.

At the end of it, I enjoyed a 25 minute bus route end to end on route U2 which runs between Brunel University and Uxbridge Station via Hillingdon Circus, Hillingdon Station and Long Lane/ Ryefield Avenue H & R section.

LK53 FDJ on route U2 to Brunel University.

On top of that, I was delighted to see 3 697's and a 698.

Overall, the day was delightful and I was extremely happy to share this on the blog.

It had now rolled into April by the time the post was out and a few things were going downhill. 

For starters, Jack had left the blog due to a inappropriate post which he wrote and so he left on his own will when I pointed out that the post was not decent and that it cannot be published.

Second, fights were erupting on the blog again, however Lewis & I managed to keep our cool and sort the problems out.

Not much had happened throughout April, besides a number of Observations posts been bought out onto the blog.

In May, posts have been slowing down and we apologise for that - Which is why this post is actually made up of 4 posts.

May 18th was when I officially left blogging however I am doing my last post and it is past that date.


I have decided to put some of my favourite photos on the site and I thought I might share them with you all. Most you will probably be familiar with from other posts whilst some may be new to you.
DLR 97, a B92 Stock, on the DLR service to Beckton. 

SN60 BYC/ ADH8 on route 94 laying over at Acton Green.

SN60 BXZ/ ADH5 sporting her Vodafone livery at Acton Green whilst serving route 94 to Piccadilly Circus.

LK57  AYN/ MM818 on route 90 to Feltham.

London Overground Class 378 231 on the service to Richmond.

YJ58 VBK/ OV8 on route 391 to Richmond.

YX11 CNN/ DML44189 on route 95 to Shepherd's Bush.

LR52 BLN/ VP318 on route 140 to Harrow Weald, Bus Garage.

A lot of you may also be aware of the fact I am a "Regular" at Chiswick, Business Park and I do actually know a number of drivers and they are all friendly staff. I also liked the Business Park because it is modern, spacious and peaceful. 

The only bus route that serves the Chiswick, Business Park currently as of May 2013 is route 27 which was extended here last November. The 440 also stops nearby on Bollo lane but the main bus inside the Business Park is 27. The E10 may be extended here soon in the future from Ealing Broadway but that's later on.

All the drivers on 27 are EXTREMELY friendly and like to communicate with the public and also are enthusiasts about buses (Seriously, some just know the route they drive and that's it). 

Here are some of my photos of my time at Chiswick, Business Park:

YX62 FFB/ ADH27 on route 27 to Chiswick, Business Park. 
SN58 EOR/ ADH1 on route 27 to Chalk Farm, Morrisons

YX62 FSS/ ADH45 on route 27 to Chalk Farm, Morrisons

YX62 FTP/ ADH48 on route 27 at Chiswick, Business Park.

YX62 FUU/ ADH51 on route 27 to Chalk Farm standing at Chiswick, Business Park.

YX62 FPC/ ADH41 on route 27 entering Chiswick, Business Park. 

YX62 FJD/ ADH31 on route 27 to Chalk Farm at Chiswick, Business Park.


Around the end of the month, it's time for the monthly bus news round up and so I do it for the last time, another segment of this post.


- The introduction of TEH1449-67 has started slowly finally at Cricklewood. These buses can be found on routes 16, 189, 139 and N16. They can also be found on route 632.

- The LT's are arriving at the CELF centre and some have been spotted at Cricklewood a few days ago.

First Centrewest:

No news to report upon at this time.

First London:

- At Lea Interchange (LI), a brand new WSH has arrived with the new TfL standards of white-on-black blinds. The registration plate is LJ13 JWP with the fleetnumber being WSH62996. This bus is a Hydrogen bus and can be found on route RV1 (Covent Garden - Tower Gateway).

- DM has been sold to Go-Ahead London. See Go-Ahead segment below.

London United:

- The following buses have left the fleet:

1. PA04 CYH
2. PO54 OOE
3. PO54 OOF
4. PO54 OOG
5. PO54 ADV

Route 9.
These buses are all East Lancs Vyking bodied double decks on a Voith 3-speed gearbox which are mounted on a Volvo B7TL chassis. They use to work route 9 at Stamford Brook (V).

- For whatever reason it is, SLE43 and SLE44 from Fulwell Garage (FW) have transferred to Shepherd's Bush (S) and can be seen on route 49 between Clapham Junction and White City.

- DPS703 has now gained White-On-Black blinds and can be seen on route 419 at Stamford Brook (V).


- YT11 LSD has transferred from Plumstead and begun service on route 114.

Go-Ahead London:

- 5 new E's and a number of new EH's have arrived at the fleet. This is for route 87 which E/ EH operation starts on 1st June (This Saturday)

- The Wright Streetlites for routes 219, 491 and 327 have started  to arrive.
The registration plates are as followed: LJ13 GJU/V/X/Y/Z, LJ13 GKA/C/D/E/F/G/K/L/N/O/P/U/V/X/Y/Z, LJ13 GLF/K. The fleets are WS10-31.

- Route 491 will be taken over this Saturday 1st.

- On the May 28th, Go-Ahead announced that they will take over First's Dagenham Operations (DM) on the 22nd June. All operations that are not taken over by Stagecoach later on this year will be transferred to Go-Ahead's Rainham garage leaving DM to close. Appropriate single deck vehicles will transfer to Rainham from First's fleet however for the double deck contracts, Go-Ahead will supply the routes with their own vehicles. It is probably guessed the vehicles left behind at DM will either be sold or transferred to First's outer-London operations. The routes affected are: 498, 368, 193, 646, 648, 608, 652, 656, 679 and 686.

- At Stockwell Garage (SW), it has just been announced that route 11 will gain LT's with a PVR (Peak Vehicle Requirement) of 25 buses.

Tower Transit:

LX11 CWZ/ WVL417 on route 425 to Clapton, Nightingale Road.
- For those who have been wondering which operator route 58 will go to, 58's full allocation will be based with Tower Transit.

- Bus routes 425 and N551 will be lost to First Tower Transit on the 6th July (425) and 31st August (N551).  

Stagecoach London:

- A brand new Enviro 200 has arrived at Stagecoach's Plumstead Garage (PD) numbered 36555. The registration plate is LX13 CYW.

- The Spirit of London (LX55 HGC) has started service on route 55 at Leyton (T).

Arriva London:

- A number of 57reg EN's are being refurbished with new seats, a full repaint, London Buses roundel and have been installed with white-on-black blinds.

Sullivan Buses:

- The following buses have entered the fleet:

1. PA04 CYH
2. PO54 OOE
3. PO54 OOG
4. PO54 OOG
5. PO54 ADV

These buses have arrived at Sullivan Buses depot in South Mimms (SM) for the new route 626 contract starting this September. They will have white-on-black blinds. Lewis has kindly given me permission to use these 2 photos:

PO54 OOG blinded for route 298 to Arnos Grove. (C) Lewis JN
PA04 CYH on the rail replacement for the Central Line at the weekend. (C) Lewis JN

Finally, I would like to give a HUGE thanks to the following people who helped the blog get this far through it's ups and downs:

- James Panaligan

- Lawrence Abel

- LondonBusBreh

- Tom Bowell

- Au Morandarte

- John Delaney (For allowing us to use the route 398 photos, see KYR post)

- Alican Reilly (For allowing us to use the route 398 photo, see KYR post)

- Jack (The one who left us, he did contribute on the blog)

- Bus from Penag (For your positive comments on the blog)

- Tube101 (For a supportive attitude on the blog)

- Christopher Rodi (For your positive comment on the blog)

- Cesgamer

- London Buses: On The Go

And finally, I would like to give a MASSIVE to the new head of the blog, Lewis. He has given me the rights to use his photos, helps out in some posts and has such a friendly and supportive attitude. He's helped the blog since the beginning - Without him, the blog may have not gone this far.

Sorry if your name has not been featured as the list is about 3 and a half miles long! 

Having been the main contributor AND founder of the blog, it is sad to put aside blogging, nonetheless I have enjoyed the experience. Thank you to all the people who have made it possible to bring the blog this far.

So here it brings us to the end of what may be my last appearance on the blog, and as I always say, Stay safe!