A trip to Abellio Hayes (WS)

2523 and 2527 stand side by side inside Hayes Garage.
Lately, the name 'Abellio' has been mentioned several times.
Whether it's complaining about their attempt to run Abellio Greater Anglia or to praise their bus services and reiterating the fact that Abellio managed to introduce 3 batches of Enviro 400 MMCs before Metroline entered their first batch. 

Well, we're still on the MMC page, and I was privileged to visit Abellio's Hayes (WS) garage. A fun fact is this garage is home to only 30 buses as it is the smallest bus garage in London. City Circle Coaches are based here and use one half of Hayes Garage to house their coaches.

Hayes (WS), even though being the smallest garage in London, little does have variety, in comparison to bigger garages where they have very few types (for example, West Ham - Tridents, Scania and Enviros only). The former Wings Base currently houses ALX400 bodied Tridents which are soon to be leaving very shortly when the last of the brand new Enviro 400 MMC Hybrids for route 350 enter service. Last year the 'standard' Enviro 400 Hybrids were ordered for route E1 which was won by Abellio from Metroline, meaning Hayes (WS) is the 3rd garage (after Walworth and Cricklewood) to have both types of Enviro 400s.

Also in this garage are a batch of Darts which are allocated to temporary route 528 whilst there are road closures in the Osterley area and to aid route H28, who runs from WS using 9 Enviro 200s which were ordered when the contract was retained in early 2013. There are more Darts, short Plaxton Pointers for route U9, and 10.2m Caetano Nimbuses for route U7. One Nimbus, by the name of 8466, is notable for being a special bus - it's a Euro 2 bus but built in 2003. It also has a custom made registration plate, GM03 TGM, TGM standing for Tellings Golden Miller. 

Until last year, Abellio Hayes (WS) ran route 112, a contract that lasted a good 10 years, however in the tendering process, Metroline managed to win the route from Cricklewood (W) garage. The Nimbuses from 112 have ever since left for Fulwell (TF) to get rid of some elderly Darts.

Abellio and I were both on a really tight schedule, so I only managed to sneak in a few photos! Also note that since Hayes (WS) is a small garage, there wasn't much buses sitting in as it was a Saturday. There were only two Tridents locked in the corner and barricaded by coaches and cars, with the rest being out on Jubilee Line Rail Replacement. Nonetheless, here's the rest of the shots!

Seen standing side by side are 8590 (YX62 DVC) and 2444 (SK14 CTZ) inside Hayes.

Abellio 8466 (GM03 TGM) is in today, and she's seen sleeping in the yard.

Bottom deck interior of 2523 (YX15 OWO) inside Hayes (WS) garage.

Upper deck interior of 2523 (YX15 OWO) inside Hayes (WS) garage.
Training bus W437 CRN takes a day off at Hayes (WS) garage. This bus used to run H50 back in the early 2000s.
Small fact file about Hayes:
- London's smallest garage
- Opened by Wings (WS) who ran the E6 here
- Is home to a variety of buses
- Won route E1 last year, lost route 112 a few weeks after
- Today runs 350, 528, E1, H28, U7 and U9

That's all for now! We hope we enjoyed reading, and please stay safe!


  1. Will you go to TH and BC?

    1. Not as far as I know. This was a special one-off garage visit, but if you're interested in looking behind the scenes at garages, I strongly recommend that you read the Circle of London blog, who have hosted over 45 trips to Metroline's CELF centre over the last 5 years (they actually turn 5 tomorrow) and over 50 garage visits, with exclusive content at manufacturing companies as well.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Excellent post about Abellio's Hayes garage!

  3. When does the route 60 bus contract end? And the 152.

    1. Route 152's contract will end in December 2016 if an extension is not granted, or December 2018 is an extension is granted.

      Route 60's contract will end in August 2018 is an extension is not granted, or in August 2020 if an extension is granted.

  4. Will 2514 go to BC?

    1. I don't think so, I know it was intended for route 407, but I think the route will just use a Trident or Gemini now. The bus is now allocated to route 415 from Walworth (WL).

  5. I am yet to meet a nice bus enthusiast, yes they're very clued up on all things mechanical but when it comes to dealing with people who share the same interest but not as in depth, very secular. I am one myself but always enthusiastic regardless of how much I know. Please do another spot but on Arriva's operations, they've got the most hybrid buses and the most steady type of buses. DWs and HVs, there isn't a lot of mix and match like most companies