Know Your Routes: Route U10

As seen in the photo and title, this post is about the bus route U10. Another suburban route in North West London that runs between Uxbridge Station and Ruislip, Heathfield Rise. Also note that U10 does not run on a Sunday.

LK53 FDM/ DMC41538 on route U10 to Ruislip, Heathfield Rise.
(C) LondonBuses72
U10 is a rather isolated route, but also very useful because of that reason. The route starts at the rather busy Uxbridge Bus Station, where it follows route U9 up to Roker Park Avenue, just south of Newyears Green. The route then dives onto Swakeley's Drive, a Hail & Ride Section now entering Ickenham to pass the isolated and small Ickenham Station.

After, the route then re-unites with other local bus routes, including route U1, E7 and H13 at Ruislip Station. From here, U10 makes a short leg up to Heathfield Rise, which it is the only bus to serve there.

U10 has a unique operational schedule, and does not run on Sundays. It also only runs until 1900, having started 12 hours earlier. People who aren't good at Maths, that's 0700. 

U10 has an allocation of Enviro 200 Darts, which was a full allocation before the takeover of Metroline. Nimbuses were quite uncommon, although made common after the takeover on 22nd June 2013. Mainly, any old single-decker found in Uxbridge (UX) is shoved onto route U10, which is Uxbridge's least focused route. 

These Nimbuses were an everyday appearance before 2008, when the first ever batch appeared at Uxbridge (UX), for routes A10 and 331. These became more common, when another larger batch was bought in 2010, for routes U5 and U1, which at the time was being extended to West Drayton Station. This applies below, where a 10reg Dart back in the First days is seen at the last stop in Uxbridge, The Pavilion.

YX10 BFJ/ DML44147 on route U10 to Uxbridge Station.
(C) Lewis JN
In 2013, a shocker came to us. On the April 9th, it was revealed that the smaller rival out of the two; Metroline and First, had gobbled up the bigger company (First). Fleet changes never took place, well at Uxbridge, no. Although all buses had the First legals, logos and fleet numbers removed and replaced with brand new ones, new Metroline West legals and and Metroline Logos.

Here is the fleetlist:
LK03 NLE - DC1540
LK03 NLF - DC1541
LK03 NLG - DC1542
LK03 NLJ - DC1543
LK03 NLL - DC1544
LK03 NLM - DC1545
LK03 NLT - DC1546
LK03 NFY - DC1547
LK03 NFZ - DC1548
LK53 FDC - DC1549
LK53 FDE - DC1550
LK53 FDF - DC1551
LK53 FDG - DC1552
LK53 FDJ - DC1553
LK53 FDM - DC1554
LK53 FDN - DC1555
LK53 FDO - DC1556
LK53 FDP - DC1557
LK53 FDU - DC1558
LK53 FDV - DC1559

LK08 FNF - DE1583
LK08 FNG - DE1584
LK08 FNH - DE1585
LK08 FKT - DE1586
LK08 FKU - DE1587
LK08 FKV - DE1588
LK08 FKW - DE1589
LK08 FLC - DE1590
LK08 FLD - DE1591
LK08 FLE - DE1592
LK08 FLF - DE1593
LK08 FLG - DE1594
LK08 FLV - DE1595
LK08 FLW - DE1596
LK08 FLZ - DE1597

YX10 BFA - DE1798
YX10 BFE - DE1799
YX10 BFF - DE1800
YX10 BFJ - DE1801
YX10 BFK - DE1802
YX10 BFL - DE1803
YX10 BFM - DE1804
YX10 BFN - DE1805
YX10 BFO - DE1806
YX10 BFP - DE1807
YX10 BFU - DE1808
YX10 BFV - DE1809
YX10 BFY - DE1810
YX10 BFZ - DE1811
YX10 BGE - DE1812
YX10 BGF - DE1813
YX10 BGK - DE1814
YX10 BGO - DE1815

YX60 BZN - DE1895
YX60 BZO - DE1896

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