Here East

Last year, Go-Ahead London was approached by HereEast to provide a shuttle bus service around the Olympic Park to the HereEast grounds. This short post gives an insight into a unique bus service within the E20 postcode.

A HereEast StreetLite (SN64 CUJ) at Stratford City.
HereEast is a high-tech business and leisure complex within Stratford's Olympic Park, recently built and boasts an array of offices, restaurants and green open spaces for staff working at HereEast to enjoy in and out of office hours.

The park is mainly home to start-up businesses and technology companies, as well as Loughborough University who has established a campus in London recently, to gain access to state-of-the-art facilities.

Supply and Demand
In the world of economics and business, a term that often gets thrown around is supply and demand. If thousands of people need to access the HereEast complex, which is set back a way away from the main Stratford stations [Regional and International] and the nearest bus stops to the front of the complex is quite a walk away, it obviously proves an inconvenience if you're working there the bog standard 5 days a week and having to walk.

The bus route going near the park itself, the route 388, is not always frequent and due to the nature of the route (as it goes to South and Central London), may suffer 'hiccups' in reliability, leaving HereEast passengers on the Stratford end waiting much longer for a bus to turn up than they should.

So we have the demand for a dedicated bus service to and from HereEast every few minutes.

Who's going to supply it?
Go-Ahead London supplies this bus route on behalf of HereEast, who funds the service and provides the drivers. The route was registered as the '847' to Transport for London last year, although is marketed as the 'HereEast' shuttle bus on-board the bus and at bus stops.

WS38 back at it's Transport for London days on the 192.
Buses run up to every 5 minutes during the peak, operating from Go-Ahead's Silvertown (SI) garage using Wright StreetLite Wheelfront buses, 8.9m in length and equipped with Cummins engines, that were cascaded from route 192 in North London in 2015. These are covered in all-over 'HereEast' branding both externally and internally and information screens promoting the HereEast complex, with no reference to their past as Transport for London (TfL) service buses.

There are 4 Wright StreetLites with 3 in use each day (and now a spare Esteem and Pointer too) in use on the route. Each bus has its own dedicated livery and colour scheme, from teal and blue to black and orange. The buses have been reupholstered with leather seating, new handrails, new flooring and vinyls and stickers plastered all over the ceiling and on the exterior of the buses.

The bus route itself only takes about 10 minutes from HereEast to HereEast via Stratford City, running in a clockwise loop around the E20 postcode, only stopping at HereEast, Stratford International Station and Stratford City station and is free for all passengers to use.

We'll let the pictures do the talking from here on.

SN64 CUC (WS35) stands at HereEast.
The interior of WS35 at HereEast.

SN64 CUJ (WS38) at HereEast.

The interior of SN64 CUJ (WS38).

Thanks for reading this post, and do remember to stay safe!