Mini Metroline & London United Bulletin

Just a one off, still counts as Bus News. The main article is at the end of the month.

Y184 NLK/ VPL184 has transferred to Harrow Weald (HD).
- The Edgware refurbishment is finally over with the exception of one vehicle, LK08 DXX (TE885), which is still out at refurbishment.

- The Potters Bar Enviro 400s have all almost entered service. These are as following, TE892-914 with the exceptions of 904, 910, 912-4 which are still at Holloway.

- The Metroline VPL's, of Y and 51reg and nearing the end of their London lives. Most at Edgware (EW) have unfortunately discontinued service or have transferred to Willesden (AC). Willesden has recieved VPL203, VPL205 and VPL210, not to forget VPL221. It is worth noting VPL221 has unusual rear headlights, with circle instead of rectangular ones. A special post on these wonderful vehicles will be published either this month or next month.

- Metroline VPL's are still the topic, Y184 NLK (VPL184) and Y231 NLK (VPL231) moved recently to Harrow Weald (HD) garage. This is not the first time VPL231 has been at HD, in fact the second. The first time as a loan during the refurbishment in 2011, this time, also a loan, whilst VP627 and VP628 have mechanical work done to them. 

- LK60 AEF (VW1061) is still present at Perivale (PA) garage.

London United:
- The official date for route 10's NBfL conversion has been released, which was in 'Spring', the date is Saturday 26th April 2014. 

- The existing vehicles, which are Scania Omnicities, will be refurbished (As many as possible, not all will be done though) for route E3 from May 31st. The PVR is still to be 26, with 2 spare buses.

- Still on topic at Stamford Brook (V), London United LT150, in silver livery for 'Year of the Bus' has already entered service for route 9, although intended for route 10 later on.

- Borismasters for route 148 next Saturday have already entered service as spares during the tube strike. If another strike between the 12-13th February 2014 goes ahead, these vehicles will once more be spotted before official conversion date.

A Know Your Routes post follows shortly, stay tuned and stay safe!


  1. Umm, VP628 and VP627 have been back from mechanical work, it only takes about 4-5 days.

    1. I knew they came back, although I still noted it down for the reason why VPL184 and 231 were at HD as until now, they are still present at the garage. ;)

  2. LondonBusRoutes19 February 2014 at 17:15

    Is the E3 getting new buses or Scania Omnicities from the 10? Because it says on the Bus News post that London United are ordering new buses for the E3 but on this post it says that it's getting Scania Omnicities from the 10. Or is the E3 getting a mix of new buses and ex-10 buses?

    1. Sorry for the confusion, I know it does say "New Buses" in the Bus News Article. At the time of when it was tendered, the contract specified new buses, but as buses from route 10 are now available as the route will convert to NBfL operation, and there is the appropriate number needed + Spares, the contract has changed to existing buses from route 10 (As a full allocation). :)

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