Year of the Bus News: January 2014

Today marks 365 days of doing the Bus News. I have done exactly 12 posts, this being the 13th. On the 31st January 2013, I published the first Bus News series. Today, it proves to be the most popular feature on the blog.

Arriva London:
- At long last, a few of Brixton's hybrids have entered service. These are numbered HV132-152. HV132-136 (At time of writing) have already made appearances on route 59 and intended route 319.

- The "new" HV106, LT63 UKJ, has arrived at Wood Green (WN) for route 29. The buses intended for the route were delivered in June and July, but HV106 (The original one) caught fire at Wrightbus and a completely brand new one was made. 

- Arriva's prototype Borismasters LT4-7 have been re-registered from LT12 DHT/ EHT/ FHT/ GHT to LTZ1004/1005/1006/1007 like the latter ones. LT1, LT2, LT3 and LT8 have not been re-registered because they are currently on worldwide tours. LT1 (LT61 AHT) hasn't seen service at ALL in 2013 or 2014, last seen in 2012. 

- Route 375 has been retained by Arriva London.

Metroline Travel:
- Metroline TE892-914, except 904, 910, 912-4 which stayed at Holloway (HT), have moved to Potters Bar (PB). These are 2008 variants, and have been equipped with White-on-black blinds and refurbished. These are to replace the last of Trident Presidents (TP) at Metroline, on routes W8 and 217.

- The refurbishment at Edgware (EW) is coming to an end soon, as all 2006-2007 TEs have been done. The 2008 batch has been half done, with:
 LK08 DXO (TE878),
LK08 DXP (TE879), 
 LK08 DXU (TE882),
 LK08 DXW (TE884),
 LK08 DXY (TE886),
 LK08 DXZ (TE887),
 LK08 DYA (TE888), 
LK08 NVE (TE890)
 and TE891 (LK08 NVF) have already been refurbished.

It is worth noting that TE882 has black headlights, which have been swapped with TE992 (LK59 DZT).

- Some Metroline Enviro 200s from route 245, now on route 90 and E6 have been spotted with Metroline seat covers. Some enthusiasts say it looks 'tacky' and 'doesn't fit in with the green poles and grey dashboard'. 

- Route 395 has been retained by Metroline using the 2010 and 2011 allocated Enviro 200s, although the 2008 from routes 90 and E6 are a more common sighting on the route these days. It is not expected these will be refurbished for the new 395 contract as they are not the allocation on paper.

London United RATP Group:

- The Optare Metrocity for route 391 has not arrived, and some (Two?) electric variants are due to come for route H98 later this year.

I haven't done this since the really early days of the blog where I features screwed photos on the blog, but because this was the first ever shot of LT150 in London, I made an exception. LT150 is seen running around Sudbury Town. Please click here for more details (And on why it was screwed) ©LondonBuses72
- This year is year of the bus, as mentioned above in the title. LT120-47 are being delivered to route 148 for the conversion in 15 days (As of 31/01/14) and LT148-71/72 are being delivered for the route 10 conversion during the spring. The date has not been confirmed, but this is official from Transport for London. This involves special Borismaster LT150 (LTZ1150) which is in a special silver livery to celebrate Year of the Bus. This bus will be allocated to 9, before moving off to the 10. LT150 has already been delivered, via North Wembley, where Jacob catches up with the bus with his screwed photo.

- New route 662 started on the 20th January with a VLE off the 57. Existing route 665 has been cut back to Berrylands Road. The 662 is part of the same contract on 665 now.

- London United has new buses on order for route E3, which the blog will do a special on, and has been confirmed it will run from Stamford Brook (V).

Quality Line:
- Route S1's Optare Metrocity have all been built, and are at the Optare plant. However, they have not gained fleetcodes or registration plates. 

Transdev London:
- Route H13 has been retained by Transdev, with a mixture of the 2011 buses + one new 2014 bus. This bus has been confirmed to be an Enviro 200 and will be used as part of a PVR rise on the H13. PVR rises from 5 to 6.

- Route 183 returns to the past as the route gets a frequency, PVR and allocation increase which started on the 18th January 2014. The PVR has been risen from 18 to 22 + 1 on schooldays, the frequency is now every 8 minutes and Volvo Plaxton Presidents return to the route with a ratio of 19:4, the 19 being the Scania Omnicities. Mainly the allocation has actually been the OmniDekkas playing the Presidents, although this is an odd working. The 292 has a part allocation of Presidents, and a part allocation of OmniDekkas.

Stagecoach London:
- Stagecoach have retained route 205, N205 and 205X (For the carnival) with new Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 Hybrids. These will be introduced in the summer. The Scanias will then replace those currently on the 277.

- Route 672 has been retained by Stagecoach London for the new academic term.
136 to Elephant & Castle, anybody? ©LondonBuses72

- Route 136 is being consulted to be extended to Elephant & Castle from Peckham Bus Station via the 343 is North Peckham to help out overcrowding. Please click here to take part in the consultation.

Go-Ahead London:
- Routes 661 and 669 have been retained by Go-Ahead London for the new academic term.

Abellio London:
- Routes E1, C3 and 49 will all receive brand new Enviro 400 Hybrids (As predicted) in May/ September. 8 of these will be sent to Hayes (WS) for route E1 and the rest will be delivered to Battersea (QB) for routes 49 and C3. 

Tower Transit:
- The Routemasters on route 9H between Kensington Holland Road and Trafalgar Square are being proposed for withdrawal in July. A new poll related to whether you think it's right or not has been set up, and at the West London Bus Blog we actually think it would be better if they MOVED to another route, so we also will set up another poll on the 1st February 2014 about what route you'd like to see gain these iconic vehicles. Say what you think here.
The end of this lovely one? ©LondonBuses72

- Route 308 has been extended to Clapton Pond from Clapton Park Millfields last weekend. The extension has been covered with 3 London United Darts; LG02 FFP (DP42600), LG02 FFR (DP42601) and LG02 FGO (DP42602), although these buses are more commonly seen on route W14 and furthermore W15.

Sullivan Buses:
- The 2nd allocated bus for 653 has been confirmed as EY03 FNL (TPL927). 

Well, here's to the 13th edition of Bus News. We introduce the year of the bus, and more news is to come!


  1. I agree and disagree with the 136 extension. Yes, a bus through North Peckham is a good idea, because of overcrowding. I disagree because I don't think the 136 is the right route to be extended. I think it should be the 177 because it also gives links to East London as well as providing a higher frequency. Or, you could extend a bus from Elephant and Castle that goes into Central London.

  2. LondonBusRoutes19 February 2014 at 17:20

    The S1's Optare Metrocities' fleetcodes might start with OM which stands for Optare Metrocity (like OV stands for Optare Versa).