Metroline's Domino Effect: Part 2; Changes to routes 90, E6 and 395

LK57 AYN/ MM818 on route 90 to Feltham.
(C) LondonBuses72
Sorry it took so long to write up the post, but routes 90 and E6 have been going under some massive changes lately. Following the write up of part 1, the ex-245 Enviro 200 Darts were transferred to Perivale (PA) a month back for routes 90 and E6. Just for the record, this is why I personally think Metroline were, and still are very stupid for doing this, but the buses should have transferred to Uxbridge for routes U2 and U3, to write off the Nimbus Darts.

The 58reg DE's were sent to replace some Man 12.240/ MCV Evolutions. You may of thought they were old or were very faulty and unreliable but the truth is, these buses were only manufactured a year back, in 2007. And these buses were one of the very cleanest and most reliable single deckers in London.
Ordered in 2007, in 3 batches, the first were ordered with a Voith Gearbox and have Rowan Telmac Seats. These were ordered for route 251 between Edgware & Arnos Grove, numbered MM771-81, carrying 07reg plates. Then came the batch for route 206, at the time, running between St Raphael's Mitchell Way and Kilburn Park Station. These buses were installed with a ZF Gearbox, and carried Esteban Civic V2 seating instead of the uncomfortable trash you get with Rowan Telmac. A later batch was ordered for route 90 - Which was ordered with exact same specifications. That was Metroline in the good days. Now they're just plain boring and it's all about E200 Darts and Gemini 2's or Enviro 400's.

Over the years, the buses were allocated to routes:

- 90, Feltham - Northolt, 2007 - present
- 70, Acton Market Place - South Kensington, until 2012
- 206, Kilburn Park - Wembley Park The Paddocks, 2007 - 2012
- 232, St Raphael's Mitchell Way - Turnpike Lane Station, 
- E6, Greenford Station - Bull's Bridge, 2012-present
- 251, Edgware Station - Arnos Grove, 2007-2009

A photo of mine, before the Voith ones left:
LK07 AYL/ MM779 on route E6 to Bull's Bridge, Tesco
(C) LondonBuses72

Many of the buses now have been withdrawn from London service, although there are a few lucky ones that get to roam the streets of Hayes & Harlington on routes 90 and E6. The Voith MM's are gone, some 57reg MM's are gone too, the rest staying, as long as they get a refurbishment. Here are photos of these before and after refurbishment:

LK57 AYF/ MM812 on route E6 to Greenford Station.
(C) LondonBuses72
LK57 AYS/ MM821 seen after refurbishment at Greenford Station, blinded for the E6.
(C) Lewis JN

Anyways, 245 was converted double-deck in August (See part 1) and the DE's were stupidly moved to Perivale to work routes 90, 395 and E6, but just before that - Fleetlist:

YX58 DUA - DE1598
YX58 DUH - DE1599
YX58 DUJ - DE1600
YX58 DUU - DE1601
YX58 DVY - DE1602
YX58 DVZ - DE1603
YX58 DWA - DE1604
YX58 DWC - DE1605
YX58 DWD - DE1606
YX58 DWE - DE1607
YX58 DWF - DE1608
YX58 DWG - DE1609
YX58 DWJ - DE1610
YX58 DWL - DE1611
YX58 DWM - DE1612
YX58 DWN - DE1613
YX58 DWO - DE1614
YX58 DWP - DE1615

[All above buses were transferred to Perivale]

YX58 DWU - DE1616
YX58 DWV - DE1617
YX58 DWY - DE1618
YX58 DWZ - DE1619

YX58 DWV/ DE1617 on route 245 to Golders Green. Back in the single-deck era.
(C) LondonBuses72

[All above buses moved to Willesden Junction as top ups]

And now, the real action, at Perivale:

YX58 DUU/ DE1601 on route 395 to Greenford, Westway Cross Retail Park.
(C) Lewis JN

YX58 DWA/ DE1604 on route 395 to Greenford, Westway Cross Retail Park
(C) Lewis JN

YX58 DUU/ DE1601 is seen here again on route 395 - This time on a curtailment to South Harrow.
(C) Lewis JN
Be sure to watch out for part 3 as it launches in early November. Until then, please stay safe!