Bus News: October 2013

Another Month passes by in the busy scene of London's buses. We bring you the latest tenders, news and anything else to your interest. So prepare to cry, dance for victory or just be emotion-less. Sit back and relax!

Metroline West:
SN09 CFA/ DN33589 in Chiswick. Running route E3 whilst with First.
(C) LondonBuses72

- This is probably one of the most gobsmacking events this month, but Metroline has lost routes E1, E3 and E10 to the hands of 3 familiar companies. See the Abellio/ London United Busways and Tellings Golden Miller Section for more information.

Metroline Travel:

- Routes 7 and N7 will receive brand new hybrid double deckers in May 2014 as part of the new contract. The SEL's will be made redundant for the time being. It's very likely that the SEL's that operate route 297 will be made redundant too.

- Route 390's Borismaster conversion has been delayed by one week - To start on December 7th instead. Very likely, the introduction of these vehicles will not be phased, as they will most likely also use buses off route 24 as well.

SEL805 (LK57 KBF), an East Lancs Olympus bodied
Scania N230UD allocated to routes 7 and 297. Pictured
on route 7 towards East Acton, Brunel Road.
Westbourne Grove, Bayswater. ©LondonBusBreh
- For those who missed this rare working, VW1208 made it onto route 7 earlier this month. A special someone managed to catch up with it, for the second time.....

London United RATP Group:

- Route E3 has been won from the hands of Metroline with new double deckers. It is not determined whether these will be of hybrid or diesel type. PVR is 26, and contract starts 31st May 2014. 

- VLE12 (PG04 WHR) has already transferred to Tolworth (TV) for use on route 57, which the other siblings will follow shortly and quickly after the conversion of route 9's conversion.

- Route 9 converts on Saturday 26th October 2013 to NB4L operation.

Tellings Golden Miller (TGM):

- Making a sensational breakthrough back to the London bus industry, Route E10 has been gained from Metroline, with 9 new single deckers. PVR 8 + 1 spare. These will be of the diesel type, and is probably operated from a garage in the whereabouts of Heathrow. 

SN09 CDX/ DN33577 takes a break whilst on route E1.
(C) LondonBuses72
Abellio London:

- Route E1 has been awarded to Abellio with a PVR of 7 buses, which are all to be hybrids. Possibly of the Enviro 400 Hybrid type. This route will be run from Hayes (WS) garage and for those odd-working-stalkers, one may stray onto the 112 and 350 someday. 

- MBK1 is at Fulwell (TF) for routes 235 and 490. This vehicle is now re-coded XMS1.

- Route 235 is due to be extended to Great West Quarters on the 9th November 2013. 

Arriva London:

- DLA's are no more a sight at Arriva's Tottenham (AR) garage, as 8 brand newDW's, which are all 63reg plated entered service throughout this month (October 2013). 

- HV106 is still not in public service, although when it does reach public service, it will not be carrying the registration plate of LJ13 FCD. Instead it will be of 63reg.

Stagecoach London:
  - The takeover of routes 165, 179, 252, 256 and 365 were all successful. YX58 HVJ was the last EVER First bus in service, operating route 165. First pulled out of operation in the early hours of 29th September 2013, and route 365's night shift between 28-29th Sept done by Stagecoach using Enviro 400's.

Go-Ahead London: London Central
V6 - BF63 HFE
Route 12: Dulwich Library - Oxford Cirus
©Lewis JN.
Go-Ahead London:

- WVL434 has had a bad fire incident recently at Canning Town, and has been withdrawn from service temporarily for a long time. It is guessed it may not see public service again until early new year. 

- Prototype Gemini 3, on a Volvo B5TL chassis, BF63 HFE, or better known as V6, entered service last week at Camberwell (Q) for work on route 12 to fill in the void of WVL450-4 moving out to Rainham (BE) to cover the EL1 extension/ Silvertown (SI).


Anyways, that's the end of a another quality post. We hope you enjoyed and please stay safe!


  1. I really hope the new TGM E10 has two door single decker buses, the single door Enviro200s are useless for the Ealing - Greenford section during the peaks.

    1. I doubt it unfortunately, the E10 requires midget Enviros which physically can't be fitted with two doors.