Sullivan Get Some More Buses!

Sullivan Buses, based in South Mimms, have recently gained quite a few TfL contracts including 298, 628, 653, 683 and 688, and the latest being 626 which commences at the beginning of the new academic year (September).

For this contract, 5 existing VLEs have been bought from London United which were mentioned in the 'Know Your Routes: 9, 9H and N9' post. To reiterate, they are the following:

ELV5 - PA04CYH (formerly LU VLE24)
ELV7 - PO54ADU (formerly LU VLE40)
ELV8 - PO54OOE (formerly LU VLE43)
ELV9 - PO54OOF (formerly LU VLE44)
ELV10 - PO54OOG (formerly LU VLE45)

These buses will be used for Rail Replacement contracts and commercial school services before being refurbished in the summer and entering service on route 626 in September. The vehicles have a mixed blind, with commercial and rail blinds in dayglow yellow, and the TfL services in the new specification of white-on-black.

PO54OOG showing the new white-on-black blinds for route 298.
Thanks to the kind driver for changing it :)
The New White Blinds: Front Blind
Note the amount of 'via' points - nice to see a good amount of information coming back!
The New White Blinds: Side Blind
 Other pictures:
ELV5 / PA04CYH on Rail Replacement at North Acton
ELV8 / PO54OOE on Rail Replacement at North Acton
PO54OOE Interior