Out With the Old and In With The New!

LR52 BNV displaying the old blinds.
After 1-2 years of refurbishing the buses at Harrow Weald (HD) which included removal of the Esteban Civic/ Cosmic Fainsa seating, a repaint, new lino and Rowan Telmac seats - The buses are finally getting new blinds designed to the new TfL specification. I'm pretty sure this is overdue - And if I am correct, VP628's side blinds are now manual. The others are powerblinds.

VP470/ VP471/ VP472 do have the new blinds since transferring from Willesden (AC) back in 2011, although the rest of the fleet only catches up now. For whatever reason it is, VPL222 has the old blinds as the picture below demonstrates.
VPL222/ LK51 XGS on route 140 to Heathrow Central. 
The old blinds displayed 5 Via Points, now to match TfL specification, it is only 2. 

For route 140 (The Know Your Routes post can be seen there): So now instead of "Harrow, Hayes, Yeading, Northolt, South Harrow", it now says "Harrow, Hayes" (For route 140). Also on the side blinds - 140 via Northolt instead of 140 via Harrow & Hayes.

For route 182: So now instead of "Harrow, Sudbury, Wembley, Neasden" it now says "Harrow, Wembley". The via blinds still say "182 via Wembley".

For route H12: So now instead of saying "Harrow Weald, Hatch End, Pinner, Rayners Lane" it says "Hatch End, Pinner" and on the via blind it says "H12 via Pinner"

LK04 UWV displaying the old blinds.

LK04 UWM displaying the old blinds.
Here are the buses with the new blinds along with a iBus video.
LR52 BLN/ VP318 on route 140 to Harrow Weald, Bus Garage - Having been fitted with new blinds.

LK54 FWG*/ VP628 on route 140 to Harrow Weald, Bus Garage.
I hope you've all enjoyed this post and please, do remember to stay safe!


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  2. You're more than welcome! Of course I had to cover it, 140 IS my favourite route.