Observations 11/04/2013 - 14/04/2013

LK61 BKG/ TEH1227 on route 16 to Cricklewood, Bus Garage.
More observations following last time, from last week. These observations were taken in Victoria, Brixton, Chiswick, Kensington High Street and Ealing Broadway. Enjoy!
LK58 CRV DM964 on route E8 about to terminate at Ealing Broadway.

RX51 FGN on route 112 already having terminatd at Ealing Broadway.

LK61 BJJ VW1204 on route 297 standing at Ealing Broadway.

LK58 CUA OTH973 on route E8 about to terminate at Ealing Broadway.

YT09 BNL on route 65 to Ealing Broadway.

LK57 KAU/ SEL764 on route 297 to Ealing Broadway.

YX11 AFE on route E9 to Yeading, Barnhill Estate.
YX62 FSS/ ADH45 on route 27 to Chalk Farm.

YJ58 VBK/ OV8 on route 391 to Richmond.

W126 EON VA92 on route 267 to Fulwell, Bus Garage.

SN51 SYV TA218 on route H91 to Hammersmith.
LK03 GFZ TP433 on route 237 to White City.

YX12 FPK/ E253 on route 36 to Queen's Park, Premier Corner.

LJ03 MXL on route 2 curtailed to Hyde Park Corner. At Victoria.

X559 EGK/ PVL159 on route 36 to Queen's Park, Premier Corner. They are still here....

LK62 DWU/ VWH1415 on route 52 to Victoria. At Kensington Church Street/ Holland Street.

LK62 DYH/ TE1431 on route 82 to North Finchley. At Victoria.
SN12 APF 9503 on route C2 to Parliament Hill Fields. At Victoria.
LV52 HKU 34365 on route P4 to Lewisham Station at Brixton.

YX12 ARZ/ DML44321 on route 70 to South Kensington. At Kensington Church St/ Holland St.
This photo is actually from this Wednesday (17/04/2013) - Where I saw a 419 Dart on 391:

SN55 HKD/ DPS701 on route 391 to Richmond.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please, do stay safe! For those who look at my Flickr, I have reached my maximum allowance for this month, therefore I won't be able to update until 1st May.