Contributors' Collection

This page is a way of saying thanks to the many bus enthusiasts who contribute to our blog.

  • We can't get everything - but we do

    With contributors from every side of London, we can count on fellow enthusiasts from the bus scene to complete our articles with their photos.
  • Catering all audiences

    Thanks to the archives of selected contributors, we can cater to both our young and veteran enthusiasts.
  • For the international audiences

    Photos from transport scenes abroad have featured on London Connected, expanding our coverage to connect with our international audiences. 
  • Quality is key

    Collaborating among the most naturally elite photographers in our bus scene is instrumental in maintaining high standards for the blog.
  • Serving before service

    No-one likes waiting too long for new buses. Ewan Wood captures them on delivery, while KS Chow captures the popular innovations.

Contributors - you can press on the text to view the individual works of each contributor. If stated otherwise, all rights are reserved to the authors listed:

BexleyBusKS Chow, Peter Doble, Thomas Drake, EastLondoner, GloriousWater, Hertsman Images, IngolfBLN, JLVPhotography, David Jones, Aubrey Morandarte (Creative Commons), Howard Pulling, Mark Rushton, Will Swain, Lee Thatcher, Ewan Wood.


  1. This new gallery very good and I thank you for finding the time to open something like this

    1. Glad you are satisfied. We have more contributions coming in, plenty more slides to add in the near future!