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The last update: 22.01.14

07.10.13: We're back with a new layout, which all of you will enjoy. Sorry for being 1 day late, although it was worth it. The "engineering  works" have not yet been completed, however we can open the blog again. 

Just to let you know, the "link bars" are currently dead and do not lead anywhere. Due to the new template, we are having trouble putting in the new header - although this should be sorted in a matter of days.

Most things should be working perfectly but the blog may seem a bit "tacky", but we are finishing the upgrade as soon as possible. 

We'll keep you up to date on the chatbox, and Po
lls will be fully reintroduced by 9 October 2013. One is already open.

New features
New layout for easier use and neatness.

Enhanced navigational system, including sub-menus on navigational panel.
Slideshows introduced with clickable slide titles (Home, Tender Results, Photo Collections)
Chatroom size has been adjusted for more readable text.
Banner (additional feature coming soon)

Links redirecting to websites other than here open in a new tab (introduced 22.01.14).

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Banner and Header designed by Lewis JN.

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