Grand Opening Night at Perivale (PV)

Less than 12 hours ago, I visited London's "newest" garage. Theoretically, Perivale (PV) isn't a new garage - it's been open for 10 years before closing in 2012 following the loss and transfers of many routes elsewhere (either to PA or W). The post was published at 0505 this morning to coincide with the first run out on PV's daily routes - in this scenario the 79 which entered service at Edgware Bus Station.

A merry welcome from 3 withdrawn MMs.

Perivale (PV), commonly referred to as Vanguard, was utilised as a storage yard for 4 years - old buses, new buses and buses being lightly stored for a new contract were often found in this yard alongside the countless numbers of MM and TPL trainer buses. It was re-opened to relieve the pressure that Alperton (ON) and Uxbridge (UX) garages were to be facing very soon with the tender wins of routes 114 and 483 in September.

Today called for a lot of these buses to be removed from the depot, although some buses do remain. This was in a bid to clean up the garage for when the buses transferred over last night. Last time round, routes 70, 206, 232, 326, 79 and 7 operated from the garage in 2012 - however an unfortunate loss of routes 70 and 206 to First meant it wasn't worthy keeping such a huge garage alive with so little routes operating from there. Routes 232 and 326 were transferred to Cricklewood (W) garage and since then, the 326 has been lost to London Sovereign over a year ago. Routes 7 and 79 transferred to sister garage West Perivale (PA).

However this time round, routes 7 and 79 (alongside the N7 obviously) have made a homecoming back to Perivale (PV) garage. Leaving in 2012 with SELs and VWs - the picture changed in 2014 when 7 was retained with then-new VWH buses, and 79 took it's SELs. 

As of yesterday, VW1198-1210 have been allocated to the 79 to take to Perivale (PV) garage allowing for standardization, and as a result SELs are to no longer run the route (unfortunately) as a full time allocation. Hopefully strays will continue on the 79 from West Perivale (PA) garage. The SELs displaced from 79 are now allocated to 90 - whilst 90's (or technically 79's as it is on contract) VWs return to their home route full time.

A twist came around when it was announced route 245 from Alperton (ON) garage will move over to Perivale (PV) on the 6th August, when the garage re-opened. The route will take the 62-reg VWs with it, meaning that it is no longer to see the 59-reg buses, or single deckers for that matter. It seems Alperton (ON) sent the route out with a stamp in the form of DEM1917 operating 245 all day on the 5th August.

Another interesting observation to note was that most of the 487's brand new buses were in the depot today, which will be moved to Alperton (ON) somepoint over the next week. Route 487 is current not operating with these buses because of an operation restriction in the Park Royal area, and Metroline are awaiting TfL to rectify the issue.

So to sum it up, Perivale are operating the 7, N7, 79 and 245 from the 6th August with VW and VWH buses. An engineering pit will open up at the garage to maintain the 53 or so buses moving here.

Here are some photos, and here's to a successful PV!

Trainer bus MM773.

DEL2161 and DEL2156 lead a conga line of sister vehicles behind them.

DEL2156 is clearly the star attraction here.

Interior of DEL2151.

The fueling area at PV.

The yard at PV.

The office building, where all the admin work will take place.

The wash facility at PV.

TP1526 is in a salvaged state.

TP1524 is seen in a somewhat sorry state. I, actually have no idea whatever has happened to the bus - surely this one wasn't the one used in Jackie Chan's new film, 'The Foreigner' which is in cinemas later this year. I believe that was TP1530, but if anyone has any information - drop a comment below! Oddly, it seems to have blinds from a VPL at Willesden.
The engineering shed at PV.
Hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading and please stay safe!


  1. Very interesting article! Regarding the 487 "not operating with these buses because of an operation restriction in the Park Royal area, and Metroline are awaiting TfL to rectify the issue." what exactly is meant here by operation restriction? Does anyone have any further info?

  2. The new DELs have a longer rear overhang than the current Enviro 200 design. Consequently the rear would stick out into the middle lane of the A40 Western Avenue when they turn left to serve Park Royal Station on the westbound.