Bus News: Late Spring, Early Summer (All companies M-U inclusive)

Part 2 to the huge Bus News post is here. 

OS15 (YJ60 PFN) at Archway, Route W5.

Everything in this post is in bold because all of it is IMPORTANT. This post will start with the letter 'T' which means one thing.....tenders. Some interesting tenders were released a few days back after part 1 was published. 

Tranche 511:
Route W5 has been retained by CT Plus with it's existing Optare Solos. The PVR will be risen from 6 to 8, so a possible frequency increase is indicated here. As a result, 1 (?) new bus will be ordered. Start date: 6th Feb 2016.

Tranche 515:
Route 35 has been awarded to Go-Ahead London from Camberwell (Q) garage. The route will use brand new hybrid double deckers. Subject to a consultation which should be hosted later, it is planned that route 35 becomes a 24-hour service and that N35 is withdrawn. Start date: 30th April 2016.

Route 40 has been awarded to Go-Ahead London from Camberwell (Q) garage. The route will use brand new hybrid double deckers. Start date: 30th April 2016.

Route 345 has been awarded to Abellio London from Walworth (WL) garage. The route will not use new buses, but instead the cast-off buses in the form of the 2009-plated Enviro 400s from route 35 and 40 instead! Start date: 30th April 2016.

Route 129 has been retained by Go-Ahead London from New Cross (NX) garage. The route will use 7 Wright Gemini 2 buses ex-229 when that route is lost. Start date: 4th June 2016.

Tranche 518:
WN35002 (LK58 EDP) on route 328 at Golders Green.
Routes 28 and N28 has been retained by Tower Transit from Atlas Road (AS) garage. The route will use the Wright Gemini 2 buses ex-295 when that route is lost. Despite the start date being 30th April 2016, we could expect this allocation as soon as November 2015. 

Route 328 has been retained by Tower Transit from Atlas Road (AS) garage. The route will use the Wright Pulsar 2 DB300s as part of the allocation. As for the rest of the allocation, that has been undecided. Start date: 30th April 2016.

Note that routes 31 and N31 had their contracts extended for two years, meaning that the 28-group has been split up. 

Well now it's time to continue with the news.

Metroline Travel:

- TEH1224 is part of a trial. It has special Kindle blinds powered by a Kindle unit that controls about 5 other units inside the bus. There was a Kindle blind on the window under the side blind, although it has been observed that that particular unit has since been removed.

- Route 558 started operating on the 10th August 2015. It is a temporary route designed to aid the Victoria Line closure between Seven Sisters and Walthamstow Central, and also local route 158. The route operates from Cricklewood (W) garage using surplus TPs from Holloway (HT), Uxbridge (UX) and Potters Bar (PB). The buses do have iBus on them and do have proper blinding, as well as adverts on both sides of the bus to show about the Victoria Line closure this summer. Route 558 only operates on weekdays only. The route ceases operation tomorrow (28th August), so get your snaps whilst you can!

- Route 307 is to operate from Potters Bar (PB) as of 12th December 2015. TE920-935 will be used on the route, as well as other spare TEs. 

The new allocation. SEL749 (LK07 BBN), route 90 at Hayes & Harlington Stn.
- Route 90 at Perivale (PA) garage is to be double decked by 30th August 2015. Route 90 will use SELs, whilst 79 and 297 are partially converted back to VW operation. The MMs will be sent to Brentford (AH) for route E8. Route E8 then sent it's TPs to Cricklewood for the aforementioned 558 route.

- New Wright Eclipse Gemini 3s (VWH) are entering service at Willesden (AC) garage on routes 6, 98 and 460. Part of a batch of 64 vehicles, they are mainly entering service on route 6 only. 460 has seen the vehicles on numerous occasions whilst the 52 has seen more VWHs than the 98 has!

- Go-Ahead bought out VW1469 from Metroline, and is now WVL509. They also bought out VGD1 and both vehicles will be housed at Croydon (C).  

VW1469 (BF63 HDG) on route 297, Wembley Central.

- Route 82 at Potters Bar (PB) has started seeing a lot of VWH workings lately. A trend has seen two VWHs come onto the route usually on a weekday at around 4pm and last through the evening on most days.

- It has been leaked that the Borismasters based at Holloway (HT) garage on routes 24 and 390 are not capable of switching  to hybrid mode meaning technically they are diesel vehicles. In addition, these vehicles keep crashing - 4 at  the moment are off road following crashes. 

- As a result of the VPs being released from Willesden (AC), they have gone to Holloway (HT) and Uxbridge (UX).

- VPL184 (Y184 NLK), the last Euro 2 bus in Metroline's fleet has been withdrawn. The bus worked on route 140 with the occasional appearance on the 182 out of Harrow Weald (HD) garage. VP484 has replaced it since.

VPL184 on route 182, Neasden.

Metroline West:
- Uxbridge's new Enviro 200s are arriving into Perivale CELF now. These vehicles are of the old style, thanks to Circle of London for that information, and are all LK15 registered plates. The vehicles are for route 331 and U10. The current vehicles will then go onto routes U2 and U3. 

- Uxbridge has some VPs in the form of VP473-82. These vehicles are found on route U3 and U4 usually, although sometimes on the the 607 as well. These have replaced the TPs which have gone on 558. TP1510 (LK03 NKE) still remains at Uxbridge however, and is usually on route U4.

- Alperton's VW1774 (LK59 CXN) caught fire on the 18th August on route 83 whilst at Golders Green. The bus is now at CELF and should be restored, but won't be seen for a few months.

Stagecoach London:
- Route 15 has fully converted to Borismaster operation. Route 15H is to have a frequency decrease to one every 20 minutes upon the new contract on which Stagecoach will operate from West Ham (WH) garage.

- Route 177 has now converted to Enviro 400 MMC operation with London's first Volvo B5L Hybrid batch. The vehicles are numbered 13061-13081 and are based at Plumstead (PD) garage. Routes 53 and 122 has seen a fair share of these vehicles.

- Route 97 is being converted to Scania OmniCity operation using the Scanias from route 177. This has caused Scania OmniCities to be spotted more frequently on routes 104 and 158, and less frequently on route 238.

- Route 238 is to start 24-hour operation on the 12th September. The route will run with a PVR of 2, every 30 minutes throughout the night every day. West Ham (WH) as it stands will operate the night service on the route.

- 17581 and 17583 have left the Stagecoach London fleet, meaning 17564 is the last and oldest Stagecoach Trident at the moment. The vehicle is based at Romford (NS) garage and is usually on 294 and 496.

- Routes 498 and 499 have been taken over by Stagecoach from Romford (NS) garage. Using Enviro 200 MMCs (499) and Enviro 400 MMCs (498), the single deckers have been given positive views whilst the double deckers have been said to be rather slow and boring. Both batches are the first production vehicles of their breed.

- Route 47 has been retained by Stagecoach and is to get hybrids upon the new contract. 

- Route 47 is also to go 24-hours on the 12th September, whilst N47 is discontinued. Route N199 is a new route to replace the N47, although is diverted via the 199 route after Canada Water. The route will become the longest (night) route.

Sullivan Buses:
- Some more acquisitions now for Sullivan for their non-TfL operations. This time for Arriva London, 3 Gemini 1s have been bought ex-221. 


These vehicles are allocated to route 306. 

Tower Transit:
- Route W14 has been having a lot of DMVs lately, and W15 has seen one too.

- Route 308 is now allocated 2 Enviro 400s as part of the allocation. 

- Route 58 has seen a VH as well, on the normal service, not the supplementary service. In addition, VNs from Westbourne Park (X) have transferred to Lea Interchange (LI). 

- Route 28 and 328 was retained. Read the tenders section for more information.

- Route 266 saw DN33780 do a night shift on it. The bus was returned to Westbourne Park (X) straight after.

- Route 383 has been taken over by Uno. There is a more detailed post on that entitled 'Uno Pasa Para Uno'. From Hatfield (HF) garage, the route has a batch of 4 shortwheel Enviro 200s, numbered 601-604. The service has been rather good at Uno and many people have praised the performance on the route, as well as it's dedicated group of drivers.

- Uno have purchased and repainted an Esteem into their pink and purple colours. This Esteem is ex-Quality Line from route S1. It is usually seen on their routes 607 and 615. Please note this bus will not end up on 383 as the TfL equipment has been removed.

And that's it for now.....if any news comes out then a brief Bus News will be released at the end of August, but otherwise the next edition will most likely be in September. Until then, stay safe and keep on spotting!

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