Know Your Routes: Route 288

Another Know Your Routes is in order, today's one bringing us back north onto the relatively short route 288.

 The route, currently operated by Arriva The Shires uses 6 Wright Cadets with a frequency of every 10 minutes during the Monday-Friday daytime. The route, from Queensbury Morrison's goes around the back of the large-chain superstore via Westmoreland Road to join fellow routes 79, 114 and 614/644 at Queensbury Station just a stop away before heading along a unique section to 288 only via Turner Road, and then Camrose Avenue before making it up to High Street Edgware quickly followed by Edgware Bus and Train Stations and making the short leg up Purcells Avenue to dive into Broadfields Estate. Here buses on route 288 are unique because there is a one-way loop system, with buses running to the top of Broadfields Avenue to terminate (buses don't usually stand) then running back down towards Queensbury via Kenilworth Gardens, Glendall Road and a shorter section of Broadfields Avenue.
Route 288 operates between Queensbury, Morrisons and Broadfields Estate.

The route only dates back to 1972, where the route was crowned as one of the shortest routes in London, with 288 only running between Broadfields Estate via it's current route up until Edgware Station only. The whole purpose was to give an easy access link to Broadfields Estate as local buses for people at the northern end of the estate were a mere walk away being some of Edgware's most unreliable routes, 113 and 186. Route 288 didn't run on Sundays however, and buses ran in a circular route style - like H18 and H19, so didn't actually terminate at Broadfields.

In 1975, with Edgware (EW) running the route, the service was increased to two buses Mon-Sat and a brand new Sunday service operating with 1 bus of the SMS type. In 1980, the route was converted to double-decker operation with MCW Metrobuses (?) before converting back to midibus in 1990.

In 1993, Cricklewood (W) actually decided to operate the route with one additional bus to the existing Edgware (EW) allocation with a Dart. Just in July, two months later Cricklewood withdrew their allocation and at the same time Edgware (EW) had to raise the PVR to 6, which matches today's PVR with route 107 being withdrawn between Edgware Station and Queensbury Station. Route 288 replaced this section over the A5 and Camrose Avenue.

In 1996, route 288 was extended to Queensbury Safeway's, now Queensbury Morrison. There was a minor alteration in the timetable and no need for a vehicle or PVR change. EDR Darts were now operating the route.

In 2002, route 288's allocation was transferred to North Wembley (NW) garage, with buses running light from Queensbury Morrison's along the 79 route. One of the first low-floor buses, the DLD type Dennis Darts were introduced on routes 288, 303 and 305.

In 2006 was a change that forms today's exact 288 - Arriva The Shires won the contract against Metroline with a bid from Garston (GR) garage located north of Watford. This was a joint contract win with routes 268, 303 and 305. So 24 Wright Cadets were purchased for this huge win, with bonnet numbers 3704-3728 as well as being supplemented by two new Darts 3804 and 3805.

In 2013, the route was retained again with it's other sister routes and the buses ordered in 2006 were all refurbished. Here are some double deck workings - as the route is known to take double deckers from time to time. 

First up is Arriva's 6123 (LJ05 BKX) which caught on fire days after this photo. This hasn't been seen since but has been said it's being repaired.

And second one up is Arriva's 6035 (YJ55 WOV) which is a batch from route 258 (South Harrow - Watford Junction). This was on a day where Garston (GR) put out workings on all their routes, whether common or rare! This was 288's share for the day:

For more interesting observations as they come out and we snap them, click here. Now to round off the post with the fleetlist. Note the Darts 3804/5 are actually allocated to routes 303 and 305, not 288 or 268.

LJ03 MUW - 3515

YJ06 LFE - 3704
YJ06 LFF - 3705
YJ06 LFG - 3706
YJ06 LFH - 3707
YJ06 LFK - 3708
YJ06 LFL - 3709
YJ06 LDK - 3710
YE06 HRA - 3711
YE06 HRC - 3712
YE06 HRD - 3713
YE06 HRF - 3714
YE06 HRG - 3715 - Written off, replaced by 3515.
YE06 HRJ - 3716
YE06 HPA - 3717
YE06 HPC - 3718
YE06 HPF - 3719
YE06 HPJ - 3720
YE06 HPK - 3721
YE06 HPL - 3722
YE06 HPN - 3723
YE06 HPO - 3724
YE06 HPP - 3725
YE06 HPU - 3726
YE06 HNT - 3727
YE06 HNU - 3728

Thanks for reading this post, we apologise for the long wait for a Know Your Routes, stay safe and we hope you enjoyed!

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