Year of the Bus News: June & July 2014

It's been a while since the last update. Apologies, but now it's back so let's get rolling.

Thank you Abellio for a great service on the 112!
Abellio London:
- Most importantly, route 112 is leaving Abellio after several years of fantastic service on Friday 1st August. The Hayes (WS) route, allocated with Caetano Nimbuses and Plaxton Darts will pass to Metroline on the 2nd August. No anticipated Enviro 400 Hybrid workings from route E1 have yet happened mainly due to the faulty bus 2449 (SK14 SYY) which means 2444-8 and 2450/1 have to stay in service on the E1 to reach the PVR. 

- On the note of hybrids, 2452-64, originally intended for route C3 (Between Earl's Court Tesco and Clapham Junction) have now been diverted to route 211 between Hammersmith and Waterloo to make the route fully hybrid. Instead, 12-reg diesels from 211 will make up the new allocation on route C3.

- Abellio really have been making a lot of progress in their contract wins this year. Firstly, route 201 between Herne Hill and Morden has been awarded to Abellio for a start date of 11th October with new single deckers. Route 407 has been retained with new single deckers as well and one hybrid double decker too.

- Route S4, between St' Helier Station and Roundshaw will instead receive brand new Enviro 200s which are diesels and are to 8.9m of length. It is still questionable if these buses will receive a Williams Flywheel System.

Arriva London:
- Route 38 has now been fully converted, and so has N38, to Borismaster operation. The silver prototypes have also entered service. 

- The long awaited Wright StreetDeck has finally entered London service. Arriva's DW411 (LJ11 AEB) which caught fire when new in 2011 was taken to Wrightbus and modified, given an extended body to 10.7m of length now, and a new Mercedes engine. This bus now works services out of Enfield (E) garage, on routes 279, 349, 307 and 317.

- The DWs from route 38 are now being displaced around Arriva London to oust out the last of their Euro 2 DLAs and other elderly stock. A lot of DWs (251-277) have transferred to Arriva London south, to take work on routes 60, 197 and 264. Other DWs  (233-238) are seeing service at Enfield, on recently retained 317. Others (231, 232, 239-250) have gone to Brixton (BN) to relieve the W, X and Y-reg of their duties. Others (Mainly 09-reg) are staying at Clapton (CT) on route 242 to allow the VLWs to be relieved of their duties. The rest will allow the double decking of route 66.

- One contract here lost, route 444, between Chingford Station and Turnpike Lane Station that currently operates out of Edmonton (EC) garage with Wright Cadets will be passing on to Tower Transit next Spring. See the Tower Transit segment for more details.
Route 503, to be withdrawn. 

Arriva Shires & Essex:
- The last day of route 640 was not actually the 25th, but last Friday the 18th. This means 6014 and 6015 will now leave London for use on commercial route 500 to boost the service as relatively new route 503, between Hemel Hempstead (Marlowes) and South Oxhey, Muirfield Green will be withdrawn after only half a year. 

- Garston (GR) did receive an Enviro 200 from route 286 (GN07 DLZ) last week as a short term loan due to faulty buses on commercial services which required TfL buses to go onto the routes. However, this bus has since returned.

- 3 existing Citaros and 10 brand new StreetLites are to be used on Arriva Sapphire route 321, between Watford and Luton upon the conversion on the 31st August 2014.

Arriva Southern Counties:
- Route 286 was lost on the 11th July to Go-Ahead London. However, there has been quite a rough start with Go-Ahead London on the first couple of days with several shorts to Avery Hill and Sidcup Station. Where the 2007 Enviro 200s will go is currently unknown.

- Route 66 is to be double decked shortly. An Arriva London VLW (LF02 PSO) has been transferred to give a boost to the service.

CT Plus:
- Route 212, between Chingford Station and St' James' Street Walthamstow Station has been lost to Tower Transit. 

Go-Ahead London:
- Chrome Borismaster LT189 has yet to enter service on route 11. The service has improved slightly since the mishaps earlier on but not enough to class it as 'commendable'. 

- Route 286, between Greenwich and Queen Mary's Hospital has been awarded to Go-Ahead London from New Cross (NX) garage. New buses were ordered in the form of Enviro 200s, the first of their type for over 3 years. Note how SE197 seems to be a void in the fleet, the new vehicles are numbered SE198-212. These have a ZF Gearbox, and are similar to those on the E10. The service has been proven unreliable but as Go-Ahead settle with the route they will end up doing better than they have done in the last fortnight. The new buses have already been spotted on other routes such as 108 and 225.

- Days before the Putney Bridge closure, LDP284 was involved in an incident - where it collided and crashed into Putney Bridge itself, hanging half of itself over the bridge and holding on for dear life. Marshall Capital 143 (Ex-Metrobus 143) has replaced it on route 424 temporarily.

- Putney Bridge's closure has had a major impact on buses in the local area. Several routes are curtailing at Putney Bridge Station or Putney Common. Route 424 is however split into two parts, 424N (North) and 424S (South). 424S runs only in Putney whereas 424N runs Putney Bridge Station to Fulham, Craven Cottage.

London United/ Sovereign RATP Group:
- Due to faulty LTs at Shepherd's Bush (S), LT79 and LT84 have transferred temporarily to act as covers on route 148. 

- Due to the closure of Putney Bridge, route 220 is withdrawn between Putney Bridge and Wandsworth. If travelling to Wandsworth via Hammersmith, it's advised to use route 485 from Hammersmith, Lower Bus Station. 

- SP136 (YP59 ODS) has transferred from Hounslow (AV) now refurbished to Stamford Brook (V) on route E3. Hybrid workings have already popped up, ADH26 and ADH35 being the notable ones consistently straying onto the route.

- Hybrid workings have now appeared on routes 114 and 183 at Edgware (BT) from route 13. 

- Due to the shutdown of Alexander Dennis for their annual 3 week vacation, DLE26 will be delayed. Besides, the bus isn't actually required at the moment - as it's intended for route H13. However, route H13 is withdrawn from St Vincent's Nursing Home and all buses are curtailed to Northwood Hills Circus until September due to roadworks.

- As route H13 is partially suspended, instead a new shuttle route called 582 operates between St Vincent's Nursing Home and Eastcote Village, where you can connect to route 282 (Which it is numbered after) and H13. This shuttle route is free and operated by London Sovereign from Harrow (SO) with two Enviro 200s. This is now shown on London Vehicle Finder and you can type in '582' to see which buses are on route.

- London United's ADH48 (YX62 FTP) was involved in an incident at Hammersmith with a truck. This bus will be out of service for a while until it is repaired.

- LT8 was transferred from Arriva London, and has entered service as a Euro 6 bus on routes 24 and 390. LT190 has yet to enter service.
Metroline TE926 (LK58 KGF), route 204 on first day of transfer.

- Recently, Wright Eclipse Gemini 2's have been spotted at Harrow Weald (HD) bus garage. It is said these buses are training and may be for route 640, who knows?

- Metroline's TE926 (LK58 KGF) has lately seen a transfer from Holloway (HT) to Edgware (EW) to cover for the absence of TE836 (LK57 AXR). However, this bus has since returned to service, and TE926 is still present. TE926 is usually seen on route 107 (New Barnet Stn - Edgware).

- Brand new VWHs have entered service on route 7, and the 7 is suspended between Oxford Circus and Russell Square whilst route 98 is diverted from Holborn to Russell Square. These are numbered VWH2001-2023. VW1469 hasn't yet entered service. VWH2014 did make it onto route 297 on one night service on the 24/25th June.

- The 61-reg VWs at Perivale (PA) have all been withdrawn (VW1207-1216) except 1205/6. Several of these buses have entered service at Holloway (HT) following the introduction of SELs on route 297. Route 79 has seen some SELs, although some days there are no SELs. 
Metroline TP1512, seen out of service in Greenford.

- TE1715-29 are to go to Uxbridge (UX) for work on route U4. TE1730-51 are staying at Greenford (G) on route 282 and as spares for route 427. 

- Route 112's Enviro 200s are late due to the annual shutdown of Alexander Dennis Limited. Double deckers (Not confirmed, they may be TAs from W, TPs from route 282 or TEs ex-E1/E3) will be used until the buses arrive. 

Stagecoach London:
- The hybrids on route 205 have finally entered service, releasing Scania OmniCities to the 277. Route 8's conversion has also taken place, being phased in.

- Route 488 between Dalston Junction and Bromley-By-Bow has been awarded to Tower Transit. 

- 10197 (SL14 DDE) entered service as a top up on route 136's extension to Elephant & Castle.

- Scania Omnicities from Plumstead have now gone to West Ham (WH) for use on routes 262 and 473, as well as 3 Enviro 400s to route 262.

Quality Line:
- Brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro 400s (DD14-18) have entered service respectively on routes 406 and 418 as both routes have had their frequency upgraded to every 20 minutes from every 30 minutes.

- Metrocities OM01-12 and MCD01 have all entered service on route S1.

Tower Transit:
 - Three routes have been gained by Tower Transit - routes 212, 444 and 488 all with hybrid vehicles. All routes are to run out of Lea Interchange (LI) garage. The vehicles ordered are currently unknown but all routes are to be taken over next Spring.

- Lea Interchange (LI) have also bought ex-Armchair/ Metroline KP02 PUF (DP42603 is it's new fleetname) for a top up on route 308.

- Service 9H has been discontinued on the 25th July 2014. Some Routemasters will go to Stagecoach London (The ones in best condition) on route 15H.

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  1. TheLondonBuses20142 August 2014 at 08:07

    Tower Transit have also bought another ex-Armchair/Metroline Plaxton Pointer with a registration of KP02 PVO and a fleet number of DP42604 also for a top up on the 308.

  2. From London Sovereign I've noticed that DPS workings have reappeared on routes H14 and H17 for the first time since 2011, I think

  3. The workings aren't the first time, although you can definitely say they are very uncommon.