Picture of the Week: 11th August 2013

LJ62 BWF/ HV75 on route 73 to Victoria Bus Station whilst travelling along Oxford Street outside Urban Outfitters.
(C) LondonBuses72
Most of you may be familiar with Picture of the Day, from earlier in the blog, which has died out over time, but it was decided to keep "traditions", we would continue this, but in a weekly format. So every week, we will dig through a vast library of photos, where train or bus and bring it to you.

Anyways, the picture of the week is my favourite photo, best one I have ever taken which was HV75 travelling along Oxford Street whilst brand new. I was covering the brand new TEH's at Cricklewood (W) bus garage, but what makes me love this photo is the fact that on this beautiful afternoon, it was raining. Rather dark, damp and murky until around 17:00hrs the rain started to clear away.

The sun started to throw specks of it's rays onto the bus with a mixture of raindrops pouring down the bus. Good lighting and colour contrast were featured.

"The wall of red buses" that Boris Johnson, Mayor of London has been trying to tackle is also shown here pretty well, with a bunch of cars switching lanes and the tourists scattering about.

The next Picture of the Week post will be on the Sunday 18th August 2013. Until, then stay safe!