The speculation has come true. The rumour of that Metroline buying out Alperton (ON), Willesden Junction (WJ), Uxbridge (UX), Hayes (HS) and Greenford (G) will soon be in the hands of Metroline.

Also, we will have a new, Australian-Based bus company who are called Transit Systems in London - Who will buy out Lea Interchange (LI), Westbourne Park (X) and Atlas Road (AS). This leaves First with one garage in East London, Dagenham.

When the transition happens, the blog will keep you up-to-date. This transition is rather exciting for me - But First Group have said that "We have enjoyed working with TfL, we hope this transition goes smoothly, however we will stay as close as we can to TfL.  

First have confirmed it on their website this morning. You may want to take a look a this:

We say farewell!

All the routes above are involved, although there is more! In my opinion, as much as I have disliked First, in a way, their unique livery and unique buses - I guess we say farewell to First (Well, most of it. Dagenham - Still alive). Stay safe!