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Consisting of an enthusiastic and energetic team of five, we strive to independently and frequently provide an adequate amount of reliable London bus announcements, history, and updates to you. Our team consists of members from all sides of London, so the accuracy of information shared is ensured through the experience and knowledge each writer has of the buses in their area. Here, you can get to know who keeps our bus scene connected to all our viewers around the world.

The Team

The LondonBusBreh is the Central London correspondent. Highlighting the best in central London whilst balancing this with observations and photos from all over London, he has a speciality for sighting odd-workings. He has published works already, as well as experience from within the bus industry. He is the main administrator and editor of the blog.

Favourite routes: 187, 332, 27, 414 and 53.
Favourite operator: Quality Line.
Favourite type: Optare MetroCity EV.

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You can check out his photo collection on Flickr.

LondonBuses72 (Jacob), the founder of this blog, is the West London correspondent. Calling regularly at Chiswick, the Middlesex area and the West End, Jacob tends to the Know Your Routes series as well as being the main contributor to our monthly Bus News. Expect a few London Overground references as well! A creative people’s person and versatile blogger, Jacob also shows great enthusiasm towards worldwide transport scenes, especially in Sweden.

Favourite routes: 140, 94, 79, E10, 258.
Favourite operator: Metroline
Favourite type: Plaxton President - Dennis Trident 2.

Recommended articles by LondonBuses72:

You can check out his photo collection on Flickr.

© Rushaune157
Rushaune is our North London correspondent. With observations from all over London, Rushaune specialises in getting all new service changes in pictures and strives to catch the latest odd-workings. He also loves exploring fast routes.

Favourite routes: 157, 196, 34, 405, 85.
Favourite operator: Go-Ahead London.
Favourite type: Wright Eclipse Gemini 3 [Mark I] - Volvo B5LH.

You can check out his photo collection on Flickr.


© EastLondoner
EastLondoner, our East London correspondent. Regularly keeping an eye on workings in the Barking, Ilford, Stratford and Romford areas, he also makes occasional observations from Central London. He also shows great enthusiasm for the world of aviation.

Favourite routes: 62, 238, 139.
Favourite operator: Stagecoach London.
Favourite type: Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMC - Volvo B5LH.

You can check out his photo collection on Flickr.

© KLConnected
FG, our South London correspondent. Generally found taking pictures in South West London, FG also takes photos all around London. He has had a love for buses from the age of 2. He enjoys buses which have character to them.

Favourite routes: 49, 156, 319, 345.
Favourite operator: Abellio London.
Favourite type: Alexander Dennis Enviro400.

You can check out his photo collection on Flickr.

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