Year of the Bus News: February 2014

The next issue is finally out. As February does not have a 30th or 31st of it's month, so counting 4 days after the 28th is the 4th March inclusive, so we've published it today. However the next issue is 31st March 2014 which recaps the news on March.

Arriva London:
- More of the Volvo B5L Hybrids at Brixton (BN) have entered service on routes 59 and 319. Some of the DLAs have been withdrawn.

- Wright Gemini 3 Prototype BF63 HDG is at Heysham Docks. The destination (Garage) is unknown for the bus.

- Route 159, between Paddington Basin and Streatham Hill Telford Avenue is to be withdrawn between Paddington Basin and Marble Arch Cumberland Gate starting from the 29th March 2014. Buses will no longer run via Edgware Road, Praed Street and Paddington Station.

Arriva Shires & Essex:
- Arriva The Shires has one new transfer, as Brixton (BN) has sent over Arriva's DLA206 (W437 WGJ) to work on route 340 between Harrow and Edgware due to roadworks on Marsh Lane, Canons Park. This bus has solely worked the 340 since the transfer, although has worked the 142 once.

London United RATP Group:
- Borismasters for route 10 between Hammersmith and King's Cross have started to arrive at Heysham Docks, and will arrive later this month. The Scanias will them be refurbished and commence service on route E3 later this Spring.

- YX62 FDD (ADH25) made it onto route 391, this is the second time this has happened.

- Optare Versas on route 283 are currently being refurbished, from the NSL Buses livery to the, not new, but the old original London United livery. It is believed they are being refurbished at Stamford Brook (V) garage and Hants & Dorsets trim.

Quality Line:
- Optare Metrocities for route S1, numbered OM1-12, will arrive later this month at Epsom garage. They are currently at the Optare Plant.

Stagecoach London:

- There are complicated changes for the Stagecoach hybrid orders. Here is the new changes:
  1. Route 53 and part of 99 allocation will receive the new Wright Gemini 3s from route 54 and 75 order. 
  2. Route 54 and 75 will instead receive new Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 Hybrids from part of the massive Plumstead (PD) order.  
  3. More of the Plumstead (PD) order will go to route 205 between Bow Church and Paddington Station later this Spring.
  4. The batch originally from route 205 will go to Plumstead (PD) later this year.
  5. Route 136 will be having some new Enviro 400 Diesels to cover the extension between Peckham Bus Station and Elephant & Castle Causeway.
  6. A new Euro 6 Enviro 400 Diesel is confirmed to be on the order line, and will arrive for Stagecoach London later this year.
Two new Enviro 400 Hybrids at Catford (TL) for route 54 and 75, are the first 14-reg buses in London. They are as followed: SN14 TVW (12261) and SN14 TVX (12262), and are present at TL. SN14 TVW has made it out to route 47 and started service yesterday (03/03/14).

Go-Ahead London:
- LDP192 (SN51UAE) has transferred to Metrobus, and has made it onto route 64 between Thornton Park Pond and New Addington.

- Metrobus has sent over 945 and 946 (YN56 FEF) and (YN56 FEG) to Rainham (BE) garage. Also, 143 (LT02 ZDS) has been sent over to Rainham as well, for route 193. 142 (LT02 ZDR) has been sent for the PVR increase on route W4.

Tower Transit:
No news to report this month from Tower Transit.

Abellio London:
- A new-style Enviro 400 Hybrid is being tested for London service and carries the Abellio London livery. The bus will arrive later in the year.

Metroline Travel:
- Scania N230UD bodied Olympuses on route 7 are starting to being re-painted, such as SEL746 (LK07 BBE). Rumours has it that these buses may move to routes 79 and 297 in the Summer.

- BF63 HFE, Metroline Gemini 3, has arrived at Heysham Docks. This bus is confirmed to run from Perivale (PA) garage, on either route 7/ N7 and/or 79. 

- Route 332 has been retained by Metroline, with 17 brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 Hybrids. PVR 16. Start date 11th October 2014. The current 10/60/12/13 plated Enviro 400s, about 16 of them may move elsewhere within the company. Strong speculation on that these vehicles could move to Harrow Weald (HD) to upgrade the fleet, which only consists of pre-2004 Volvo B7TL bodied Presidents.

- Metroline's Cricklewood based TP430 (LK03 GFV) has been withdrawn and been sold to Ensignbus of Purfleet. If anyone has an extra £25,000 - Why not buy it here?

Metroline West:
- Uxbridge has received Metroline Travel TP440 and TP446 for Trident spares, and possibly for the U1 tube extra.

That's all for this month's (Well, last month) edition of Bus News. Stay safe!

Correct to 04th March 2014, 20:57


  1. Also, what is happening with the 96? Is that getting hybrids?

    1. Apparently, route 96 will receive Enviro 400 Diesels from route 53, and that the hybrids won't ever get to the 96 as on the blinds they will be locked. This means 96 will be on the blind, however you cannot select the option to put it on route 96 unless you have a engineer to come and remove the lock.

    2. Will the 51 and the 177 be on the blinds or will they be locked like the 96?

  2. DLA 206 was also on the 640 once and 142 twice

  3. I saw ADH41 on the 391, I have a picture too!

    1. Excellent observation made here!

    2. Thanks Jacob!! I'll try and upload onto my blog ASAP. :)

  4. bf63 hdg is going to metroline probably w

    1. BF63 HDG is for Arriva, not Metroline. BF63 HDE is for Metroline however, and will be working out of Perivale (PA), possibly on routes 7 and N7.

  5. Route 136 is to no longer serve Peckham Bus Station as it's diverted via the 343 to Elephant & Caste Causeway.