Thank You!

We'd like to wish all our viewers the best for the next year at The West London Bus Blog.

We turned two years old today (19th January) and several people have been working with us lately to grow strength to strength. I'd like to thank all our readers for keeping the blog alive and I wish the best for another year to come!

We also had a large turnout last night on the chatbox, as people celebrated our birthday! Thank you to all those people in particular who took their time to enjoy the jokes, games and fun we all had.

But most of all, this blog couldn't have been possible without the help of Lewis JN and London Bus Breh to be there to whip up and make new ideas possible.

Thank you to all of you! May the third year be even better!


  1. What's up Jacob crackers? Aww. Happy birthday blog. Did you all ride buses to celebrate? If not you are terrible terrible party people

    1. We all did ride buses :) Some of us rode trains too!